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CSN Collision Centres restores Chrysler 300 for Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario

June 8, 2015 4:23 pm

This past Saturday CSN Collision Centres and Make-A-Wish presented a restored 1969 Chrysler 300 to a 16-year old with a respiratory condition in downtown London. CSN Collision Centres have been long time supporters of Make-A-Wish Canada. But Saturday’s event is a special one for Jeff Jones, the owner of the London-based CSN – Jones Auto Body. His facility did the refurbishing.

“We are grateful we could be part of this. We are honoured to step up to the plate. Young Samson is a great kid,” said Jones in an interview with Collision Repair magazine.
The original plan had been to find a 1966 Mercury Park Lane. At the end of February Jones was in Detroit at the Auto Show, and put out some feelers among his contacts in the custom and antique community. The original Park Lane idea did not come together. Instead, Legendary Motor Car found a 1969 Chrysler 300 with just 27,730 miles on it.
“It’s a local car. It was originally sold out of Meaford Chrysler. I don’t know whether it was barn stored or what…but it was a real find. It is a true survivor,” says Jones.
With so few miles on it, the car did not need to be re-done top to bottom. The carpets had to be cleaned and de-stained. The interior had to be de-odourized. Some dents in the hood were rolled out and some spotting in the back end was taken of. The engine was taken apart and cleaned up. The shop put a duel exhaust system on–original 1969 dodge charger exhaust dips Jones’ had in the basement were put on to complete the look. But the hardest part was finding whitewall tires.
“We’re a tire place. I thought I’d just call up and find some. But it was challenge with the wheels. You can’t get them anymore,” says Jones.
With the work completed the car is “polished, detailed and ready to go,” says Jones. The recipient of the car is a local 16-year old named Samson who has an encyclopedic knowledge of classic cars.
“This young lad…he knows more about cars than anyone else I know. When it gets down to classic cars it’s unbelievable the amount of knowledge he has. We’ve got pictures of cars in the shop from the ‘80s going back to the ‘70s…he knows every one. And not only can he tell you what options were available on it when it was first offered, but how many were produced. It’s amazing. Just meeting the family was great,” says Jones.
CSN Collision Centres have long supported the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The presentation took place at the Steve Plunkett estate.
“Our long-term partnership with Make-A-Wish Canada has been extremely successful. We are ecstatic to announce that CSN Collision Centres has reached a $100,000 milestone in granted wishes for children with life threatening conditions,” says Jenny Trokic, Marketing Manager with CSN Collision Centres. “By granting wishes for these children, we pave a path of hope that boosts their esteem during their recovery. This is what motivates CSN to continue our partnership with this selfless organization.”

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