Originally founded in 1989, CSN Neighbourhood is the longest standing independent collision repair shop in Penticton. Whatever your collision repair needs, big or small, we are the shop, time and time again, that will exceed customer expectations with our unbeatable level of service and excellent quality of workmanship.

Address: 232 Rosetown Ave
City: Penticton
Province: BC
Postal Code: V2A3J4
Main Intersection:
Rosetown Ave & Main St

Phone: 250-492-7882
Fax: 250-492-7884

Owner: Steve Ash
General Manager: Paul Ash
CSN Member Since: 2013

Shop Hours:
Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm


Located in Penticton, BC, CSN - NEIGHBOURHOOD offer Automotive collision Repair services:

  • National Lifetime Warranty
  • Vehicle Collision Repair
  • 24 Hour Towing
  • Glass Repair
  • Paint Work
  • Paintless Dent Repair
  • Scratch and Dent
  • Auto Accessories

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Our mission is to bring safety, reliability and trust to every Canadian car owner.

No matter what happens...We’ll straighten it out. 

Paint Systems

CSN Neighbourhood proudly uses PPG’s Envirobase paint system. This is their top quality, state of the art environmentally friendly paint guaranteed to match any new model colour.

We now house a brand new, state of the art, Saima Accudraft Titan, full downdraft, drive-through style spray booth. This is the best spray booth money can buy. It provides a completely controlled, dust-free environment and with the 1.5 million BTU bake cycle this booth will pump out perfect quality paint jobs as fast as our refinish technicians can spray them, thus getting our customers back on the road a lot sooner than our competitors.

We have a number of ways that we can match the colour on your vehicle. Every vehicle has a paint colour code on an information decal placed accordingly depending on the vehicle. We take that code and enter it into our computer which is linked up to the PPG colour database. Within a matter of minutes we have the exact mixing formula for the colour on your vehicle. If your colour is from an older model or a custom colour we have an extensive colour chip system that can at the very least give us a starting point. Our painter can then tint the colour by eye until it matches.


This is an area that many of our customers are unfamiliar with “is my frame bent…” is a common question we are asked. Don’t worry if it is, we have extensive equipment and experienced technicians to ensure that the structural repairs on your vehicle are done to factory specifications. To be 100% positive that your vehicle’s structure is within factory specifications we utilize our state of the art Chief Velocity 3D computerized laser measuring system, which leaves no room for error. We also complete a 4 wheel alignment following any structural repairs, major or minor.



We can replace any panel on your vehicle and match the colour and finish to equal or better quality than factory standards. Our technicians have all the tools necessary to replace bolt-on or weld-on panels. We’ve seen it all, no dent is too big!



There are many common misconceptions about the front and rear bumpers of your vehicle.

The majority of vehicles on the road have plastic/rubber bumper covers. This is the painted area that you see. The actual structural impact re-enforcement is a steel or aluminum “rebar” that is mounted behind the pretty plastic.

Bumper repairs are the most common operation in an auto body shop as this is the most common area to be damaged in a collision. When a plastic bumper cover gets dented or torn there are many economical ways to safely and seamlessly repair these parts.

To repair a dented plastic bumper cover the process is simple. The part is removed from the vehicle and all reflectors, lights, mouldings etc are removed from the bumper. The paint on the damaged area is then stripped off using a pneumatic sander. Then the dented area is heated up using a high powered heat gun enabling the technician to reshape the bumper to its original form. To ensure the area is completely smooth and straight a thin layer of flexible finishing putty is then applied and sanded. Once sanded the damaged area is sprayed with a high quality primer, prepped and painted. For torn bumpers we have a special 2 part adhesive which is basically liquid plastic. Once the paint on the damaged area is sanded off the 2 part adhesive is mixed using a special applicator. Once the product is applied to the torn pieces and held together it dries within minutes creating a virtually indestructible bond.

To be 100 % sure that the tear is re-bonded we adhere specialized reinforcements on the inside of the bumper with the same product. The finishing process is then carried out the same as dent repair.



Our technicians are certified to replace all moveable door and side glass as well as permanently attached windshields and back glasses. We replace windshields and back glasses on collision claims only please report glass only claims to your local glass shop of choice.


Our facility is equipped with:

  • Wedge Clamp Frame Rack System
  • Chief Velocity 3D Frame Measurement System
  • Saina Spray Booth
  • Snap Pn Solus Edge Diagnostic Scanner
  • Dent Fix Spitznagel the Maxi
  • Pro Spot i5
  • Pro Spot SP5 MIG Welder
Insurance Companies

We are an approved collision repair facility for the following insurance providers:


"I just wanted to THANK YOU again for your professional service. I’m VERY impressed. I’ve dealt with A LOT of body shops over the years, and my experience with you has been the best in 40 years. You have my future business. I also have recommended you to several people without hesitation."

  • Cal Pirsak


"I recently had the rear bumper replaced by Neighbourhood Auto Body on my 2008 Hyundai Tucsan. Not only was the workmanship second to none but they also found hidden damage missed by ICBC in the original inspection and took care of that as well. Oh and thanks for the free wash and vacuum, my car really needed it."

  • Amanda Lock


"When I picked up my car from Neighbourhood Auto Body I was amazed by how clean it was. It was almost worth getting in an accident just for the free detailing!! They even touched up some minor scuffs and scratches that weren’t part of the ICBC claim. I work in Kelowna and live in Pen so am very reliant on my car. The ice new loaner car they gave me to drive came in very handy, unbeatable service thanks guys!!!"

  • Tanya Harvey


"Neighbourhood Auto Body did a major collision repair on our 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer when it was only months old. The paint work was flawless and we did not have a single issue since the vehicle left the body shop. It drives and performs as well as the day we bought it. These guys are true professionals."

  • Ashley Chwachka
Training and Credentials

I-Car Gold Glass Achievement

I - CAR Certified Collision Repair status is a proof that customers are dealing with an industry leader. The GOLD CLASS certification requires the most up to date training, equipment and technology to perform repairs of any complexity, bringing your car to a pre-accident condition in a timely manner.

More information: I-Car Gold Class


CSN Neighbourhood is officially certified by CERTIFIED COLLISION CARE for maintaining the right tools and equipment, training and facility to repair the participating automaker brand vehicles according to the manufacturers specifications. The certified network is made up exclusively of best-in-class collision repair businesses that have met or exceeded the strongest requirements of the certification program. 

OEM Certified

Toyota Certified

CSN Neighbouhood has demonstrated the highest standard of excellence through a commitment of professionalism, repair quality and customer satisfaction. Bringing your vehicle into a Toyota or Scion Certified Collision Centre guarantees both you and your insurance company the highest standard of excellence for quality collision repair. Trusting us for your collision needs will help to ensure:

  • The structural integrity of your vehicle
  • The safety of you and your passengers
  • The value of your vehicle
  • That your vehicle is brought back to its pre-accident condition


Through Certified Collision Care, CSN Neighbourhood is also OEM certified for the following manufacturers:

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